Conversion / Door Kits


Traditional Design Conversion Kits
When the design motif is traditional, we offer our Chippendale style conversion kits, in walnut or mahogany, featuring square cut ends that are level with the exterior of the bookcase. When installed in a continuous row they give the appearance of architectural woodworking. For installation, the contemporary header and base supplied with the bookcase are discarded and the traditional header and base are installed in their place. No additional labor is required.

 Traditional Header      Traditional Base

No. Ship Wt./Lbs. List Price
TKIT 8 $103.00
No. Ship Wt./Lbs. List Price
CKIT 8 $103.00


Door Kits
• Available for 36' widths
• Complete with hinges and pull doors (Mounts outside bookcase)

No. Ship Wt./Lbs. List Price
20DR 33 $153.00